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Optional module: BeneFit Booking per RESOURCE


Members' check-ins


Chat communication


Mobile App

Implementation with instructions


Marketing communication

Multiple locations

Café-BAR management

Scanner / reader

Financial business

Fiscalization module

Access control (AC)

Networking and arranging contracts with legal entities

Business tracking and reporting in accordance with Corporate model

Addition to software packages


Rent of access control packages (Security package on BeneFit Plus packages per location)

During the duration of the contractual obligation the monthly rental price includes: additional equipment and access control installations (AC) for one door (unilaterally), drafting necessary acts, plans and projects, online maintenance of access control systems. Contractual obligation for 24 months

For larger business systems that consist of several facilities or protected areas, but also for fitness centers and gyms wishing to integrate or organize other technical protection or fire alarm systems of MONITORING area, it is possible to contract the preparation of documentation and integration, which would be the subject of a special agreement

Frequently asked questions

Contact the sales department by phone, email, or via the website in the kontakti:
Tamara Mitrović, [email protected], 0606157795; 0114501755

It takes about 30 minutes to present you our software solution, the meeting lasts until the sales department answers all your questions and concerns.

Whatever suits you! If you are still equipping the gym, our offices are open and the presentation of the BeneFit solution can be done at our address. The sales department is on the move every day and you can schedule an appointment at your location. Meetings, as well as training, can be done ONLINE!

IMMEDIATELY! Implementation is quick and easy, on the spot! After the training, you get the access codes and BenFit is ready to work!

You need a computer and an internet connection. You get all the accessories for free from us. You can log in from any location and monitor all data in the application.

All they need is a mobile phone and a Benefit app that they can download for free from the App Store, Huawei App Gallery, or Google Play Store. Checking in and out can also be done via cards.

Yes, certain information is only available to certain accounts. By opening an account with the employee role, the level of authorization is also chosen.

We have designed a corporate application model for you, and the price is created concerning the number of locations.

If you send a message to members via our chat application, communication with members is free, if you decide to send an SMS, it is charged according to the prices of your operator's SMS.

You will get complete information (who, where, when, how many times) about all members who have exercised in partner gyms. You also have information about your partner's exercisers who train in your location. Reports are available in real-time. All of this is part of the BeneFit Corporate package.

There is an option for Import/Export data. You will need to prepare the data in the format required by the technical service. Import is easy and simple.

Our technical support service is here for you on weekdays from 8am to 4pm to give you an answer and a solution to every problem. The easiest way is to use the "ticketing system" available at all times.

Apart from gyms, Benefit is an ideal solution for sports schools, dance schools, and yoga centers. You will have all records of the status of valid participants, paid membership fees, expired membership fees, and all other benefits that our solution offers you. So, happy work!

The company Adriatec d.o.o. has been operating successfully for more than 20 years with a respectable reputation and references (Tetrapak, FCA, Meggle, EPS, etc.) and has over 100,000 active users of its card system services. BeneFit is the result of acquired knowledge and experience in these areas. We have worked carefully on software that will have all the necessary tools for your business, but that is easy, fast, and simple. We found it, it's BeneFit.
The BeneFit team wants you to adapt quickly and efficiently to our software solution, monitor the growth and development of your business through our reports, to build a relationship with customers that will bind them to you in the long run. Congratulate them on their birthdays, holidays, let the most loyal members know that you appreciate what you are their choice, and watch your business grow day by day! Let Benefit be your gas and brake when it comes to business, and our reports will be the best parameters for you in which direction to go.